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Note: Are we saying at this time (June 29, 2013) or in the past that William J. Clinton is the Beast? No. Although he has the number of the Beast as explain below and other places.
He may or may not turn into what the Bible calls the Beast. Or it may be someone else. We are just watching.


Number of the Beast


Revelation 13:18: This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six.

According to official White House letters from the President, he signs his name:

William J. Clinton

According to Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, Second English Edition, Oxford Press 1910 (1980 Printing), from page 26:

President Clinton's name is calculated as 666 in the Aramaic-Hebrew language, the language of Christ and the Apostles when they lived in the Middle East. There are no written vowels in this language. The letter "J" in the Bible is translated from the Hebrew letter "Y".

    W   =   6
     i   =   0
     l   =  30
     l   =  30
     i   =   0
     a   =   0
    m   =  40

    J.(y)= 10

    C   =  20
     l   =  30
     i   =   0
     n   =  50
     t   = 400
     o   =   0
     n   =  50

      666 = The Number of the Beast

Calculated on December 8, 1997 at 00:10 PST by WRD  

First Posted on December 9, 1997 at 22:15 PST   


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