President's Official Name

Here follows a copy of the results of a search I did in the San Jose Mercury News on September 3, 1998 on the name "William J. Clinton." Notice that when President Clinton signed his first executive order he signed it: William J. Clinton. This is the new fuller signature he uses as President of the United States. He used "Bill Clinton" when he was governor of the state of Arkansas. The signature of "William J. Clinton" is the one chosen by him as his official signature as President of the United States. It just so happens that this official signature has the numerical equivalent of six-hundred-sixty-six (666) in both languages of the Bible ).


To look at Clinton executive orders go to the White House's official web site and look at his signature on Executive Order 12834 by just typing in "12834" at the search page located at:

Or look at Clinton's signature on his October 18, 1999 letter to Congress at:

Or look at Clinton's official signature on his own web site at: