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Re: Area Around Jerusalem & the System of the Beast

Where is the Real Temple Mount?

Preface: Should we look to the Middle East area or Europe to see the formation of the ten-nation Beast? The answer is yes and no. (Beast System ) The ten-nation Beast is not the revival of the old Roman Empire. Nowhere in the Bible where it speaks about the fourth Beast of Daniel or the Beast of Revelation does it mention the Roman Empire. It will be a unifying kingdom that will have power in the Middle East at some time before the end of the age. (Dan 8:9; PP2) So they could be organized some place besides the Middle East and then come to the Middle East.

At first the Beast will have ten "toes" or ten "horns", that is, ten nations. But three of these nations will fall or be broken or be subdued before or at the1260th day. (see Dan 2:40-44; 7:7-11, 23-27; Rev 17; see Beast-manBeast-system,   Beast Chart, & Beast Table)   (The partly broken toes are the the three subdued horns.)

Remember in 1991. Ten nations joined together to win peace in the area. (The ten nations were: U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, [& a Kuwaiti military unit, even though its nation had been taken over]) Ten nations will again (not necessarily the same nations) join together over matters pertaining to the area.

On the1290th day before the Feast of Pentecost ten nations will join in a league. (PP2) Then 30 days later three of these nations will be put down, put out of the league, "uprooted," and "broken" [destroyed]. (PP2 paragraph NM123ff) On the 1260th day the seven-nation Beast will exist with the Beast-man as its leader. (see example)

Who has the Beast's Character. Who is the Beast-man?

For these events to happen at the time the Bible indicates is impossible except if it is fulfilled prophecy. We will not go into any more detail here concerning the Beast. (see Beast Papers, God Wrath Papers, etc. ) We are not setting any date here, since we will only know for sure 1260 days before. (see Date Paper)


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